Life Sciences Outlook

Healthcare policy ahead of the US presidential election

How Pricing Reform Impacts Pharmaceutical Uptake Strategies

This event occurs in the following :

  • Economics
  • Country/Territory Risk
  • Life Sciences
  • Sourcing and Supply Chain


Following the executive order on 13 September to lower drug prices in the United States, the battleground over US healthcare is taking shape and could fundamentally impact the outlook of the global pharmaceutical industry—all while the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic continues to dominate the political agenda.



Gustav Ando
Vice President, Industry Services & Life Sciences, GlobalData

Margaret Labban, Ph.D.
Life Sciences Senior Analyst, GlobalData

Milena Izmirlieva
Director, Life Sciences Research, GlobalData

Timothy Dall
Managing Director – Consulting, Life Sciences, Economics and Country Risk, GlobalData

Cameron Lockwood
Consulting Associate Director, Life Sciences, GlobalData

Discussion points:

  • The introduction of a “most favored nation” policy on drug pricing in the US—how real and how deep are the risks to the pharmaceutical sector?
  • Healthcare policy ahead of the presidential election
  • Impact of COVID-19 on hospitals and healthcare sector