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Today, you face greater challenges than ever before in pricing and receiving reimbursements for your products. The healthcare cost containment resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic brought more uncertainty on pricing fluctuations, price erosion, business costs and global competition, creating a critical need for new and better ways to forecast future price swings, identify pricing opportunities and track specific factors such as the market entry of generic or biosimilar competition and changes in global regulations and P&R.

POLI Strat provides you with data, analysis and much more:

  • One place linking price changes with market events
  • The world’s largest pricing database
  • Critical international reference pricing (IRP) data and intelligence
  • The most complete historical drug pricing data
  • 20+ years of historical headline analysis
  • In-depth country reports on P&R landscape for 45 countries
  • Insights from our 10-year forecast for healthcare and pharma
  • The world’s largest network of local experts
  • Unlimited access to award-winning analysts and data scientists


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