Pharmaceutical Pricing & Market Access Strategy

POLI Strat data analysis tools enable pharmaceutical pricing & market access professionals to identify new opportunities, plan for risks, and navigate the market access and pricing and reimbursement landscape.


Pharmaceutical market access and planning professionals must make informed global pharmaceutical pricing decisions and negotiate or defend the price that is set. Additionally, they need to continually explore new strategies and opportunities to stay profitable and competitive in a landscape with ever-changing policies.


POLI Strat enables clients to monitor, optimize and establish competitive pharmaceutical pricing, reimbursement, and market access strategies quickly and easily. Our integrated service combines our market leading drug pricing database  with headline analysis updates and the insights and analysis of our extensive local experts’ network to provide a holistic view of market dynamics.


POLI Strat provides a complete picture of the history as well as the future of pharma pricing to guide strategy more confidently.


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  • Event notifications when market access dynamics change resulting in potential price impact
  • Country specific coverage of healthcare systems, pricing & reimbursement processes and risks and trends in the market
  • Deep historical coverage of intelligence events, indication approvals and HTA decisions to better understand pricing trends
  • Complete pricing history, analysis, and insights for forecasting future price swings and pricing opportunities

The most comprehensive global outlook for the pharmaceutical industry


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Understand historic price changes

Use our chart functionality to view drug price history alongside headline analysis, indication approval and HTA decisions

Exhaustive drug price and cost database

Full price history time-series for all three price levels (manufacturer, wholesaler, and retail). Comparison of prices and costs globally to gain insight into broader pricing trends by geography and therapeutic area

Worldwide coverage on daily analysis and strategic reports

We provide an exhaustive intelligence of market events. Headline analysis, monthly bulletin, market access month ahead and regular reports of in-depth analysis

International reference pricing

Our solution covers all the nuances of IRP policy, from the reference basket and exchange rates to control of parameters such as pack size and formulation

Detailed market access risk scores

Quantitative platform assessing risk for access to innovative medicines; developed to benchmark and evaluate stability in market access systems at country level

Advanced country analysis

Granular country pages and profiles for including SWOT, P&R system overview, P&R landscape, reimbursement process, price setting, distribution margins, and P&R policies

What’s Included

Market analysis

  • Headline analysis
    Daily review of global P&R policy changes, product-level P&R events, public and private health insurance reform and evolving HTA requirements
  • Special reports
    In-depth analysis of key P&R trends across major pharmaceutical markets. Topics are selected by our analysts, based on recent market access trends, or recommended by clients
  • Hot topics
    Designed to provide insight into the latest pharmaceutical market access trends and the risks and opportunities for pharma companies. Market Access Month Ahead hot topic provides a forward look at critical P&R reforms, public consultations, and health technology assessment (HTA) decisions and publications

Drug prices aggregated indicators and cost analytics

  • POLI indicators, analytics, and charts including time-to-launch, launch sequence, reimbursement list size, average price cuts
  • Aggregate analytics on therapeutic classes, orphan disease products, breakthrough therapies, parallel traded products, generics, branded generics, biosimilars, vaccines, medical devices and more
  • Compare drug prices and costs at current prices and over time
  • Therapy view option breaks down price data into the specific cost of a drug in any given disease (eg. lung cancer versus colorectal cancer) based on dosing, average duration of use and other detailed assumptions

Make cross-country P&R comparisons across developed and emerging markets. Our data uses a consistent methodology across each market

  • Ex-factory, wholesale, pharmacy and retail prices
  • Therapeutic areas
  • Company portfolio insight
  • Historical pharma pricing data
  • Time-to-market and reimbursement rate data
  • Indication-specific cost data based on detailed assumptions on induction/maintenance dosing, average duration of use, average weight/body surface area and more
  • Indication-specific HTA/reimbursement data, including the clinical data used to support dossier submissions and tracking clinical trials of future therapies

POLI’s therapeutic module breaks down the pricing data into critical and detailed cost, narrowed down at the indication level

  • Sophisticated cost calculation tools that allow you to efficiently override GlobalData assumptions to create your own cost calculations for drugs
  • Some of the data points available
    • Dates of reimbursement decision per indication
    • Average costs of treatment, Reimbursements per indication
    • HTA agencies per indication
    • Annual costs of therapy for products on market, amongst others

In-depth profiles for 45 countries

  • Process for getting products reimbursed and priced
  • Overview of the pharmaceutical market’s P&R structure and institutions
  • Specific cost containment analysis
  • Flow charts and policy comparisons outline the challenges with gaining access to each market
  • Policy change outlook

This IRP toolkit covers all the nuances of policy from the reference basket and exchange rates to control of parameters such as pack size and formulation

  • Interactive map and matrix on International Reference Pricing with structured view of reference relationships
  • Pricing and Reimbursement Policy Database
  • Interactive database of the major cost-containment policies across 70+ countries, including
    • International reference pricing
    • Price cuts
    • Co-payments
    • HTA/Pharmaco-economic requirements
    • Generics substitution
    • Risk-sharing Agreement Database
    • Track, compare and analyse risk-sharing agreements – both performance and financially-based – around the world
  • Distinguishes formal vs. informal referencing
  • Quarterly update cycle, complemented with IRP Headline Analysis

IRP 360 (Premium Service)

Additional benefits

  • IRP Guidebook / Cross-Analysis to get a global picture of IRP
  • Individual country chapters with detailed IRP process
  • Standardise IRP excel sheet for upload into your IRP tool
  • Daily IRP-related headline analysis with email alerts

Benchmark and evaluate stability in market access systems at country level

  • Quantitative platform assessing risk for access to innovative medicines in 70+ countries; provides overarching framework for our global P&R analysis
  • Weighted log of four categories
    • Quantitative risk: macroeconomic variables
    • Qualitative risk: market access policy environment
    • Measures of stability: political, economic, financial risk
    • Event risk: based on recent coverage and trends
  • Fully consistent with Economics & Country Risk ratings
  • Integrated with all the content analysis (headline analysis, featured and special reports, etc.)


Maximize your subscription content with GlobalData and it is a one-stop solution for data searching and discovery, charting, downloading and saving for future use

  • Explore market access risk via interactive heat maps and interactive tables
  • Understand P&R trends instantly with pricing indicators, visualized with dynamic charts
  • Filter by price change time periods
  • Download price history in time series
  • Month-on-month data makes trend analysis much easier
  • Convert local currency prices to 80 different currencies, with daily rates
  • Save, reconfigure and export charts
  • Get a global P&R overview on the homepage
  • See all content and data for individual markets with country pages
  • Find and filter content
  • Generate your regular pdf and Word deliverables using Report Builder
  • Set up your preferred geographic regions
  • Precisely tailor email alerts
  • Data feed of IRP data into IRP simulation tools


Our API delivers data continuously and reliably directly into your workflow

  • Representational State Transfer Application Programming (REST) API makes data available via URL addresses (or ‘endpoints’)
  • Provides a foundation on which to build databases, charts, websites, visualizations and CSV files, plus facilities to query and lookup specific data
  • Offers the simplest approach to application integration
    • Access to the API is instantaneous
    • Provides an interactive web environment for developers to explore API features and review technical documentation
    • Developers can test the API calls interactively in a browser
  • 24/7 monitoring and support is provided
  • Scales horizontally for both datasets and clients, ensuring it can meet present and future demand
  • Built for consistent speed, with carefully selected technologies to ensure the best possible performance


IDDS offers tailored data feeds featuring continuous updating and seamless delivery

  • Internet Data Delivery System (IDDS) delivers fixed data updates in CSV or XML format to the GlobalData web servers in real time
  • Metadata includes economic concept, geography, source and frequency
  • Updates pull in data changes only, optimizing load speed
  • Data updates can be scheduled


Thought Leader

Gustav Ando

Vice President, Industry Services & Life Sciences, GlobalData

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Director, Healthcare Research and Analysis, GlobalData

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Principal Analyst, Life Sciences

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Forecasting Expert

Timothy Dall

Managing Director – Consulting, Life Sciences, Economics and Country Risk

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