Kari Jones

Consulting Associate Director, Life Sciences

Kari Jones is a health economist with 20+ years’ experience assisting public- and private-sector healthcare-related organizations with analytics and research.

Her work applies economic theory, quantitative modeling, and statistical and econometric techniques to the evolving challenges in healthcare such as: estimating healthcare costs; analyzing effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and cost-benefit of existing and proposed healthcare reforms, programs, technologies, and products; identifying factors affecting healthcare utilization patterns and health outcomes; and assessing healthcare workforce adequacy. She has helped organizations analyze their clinical, claims, and administrative data to develop and assess outcome and performance measures and use these in quality and process improvement. She is a leader on the team refining microsimulation models to estimate current and future supply and demand for healthcare services and providers, accounting for the implications of market shocks, legislative and regulatory developments, and evolving care delivery patterns. Dr. Jones holds a PhD in economics from Emory University and undertook post-doctoral study at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), both in Atlanta, Georgia.

Regional Focus
North America


Industry expertise

  • Life Sciences
  • Economics
  • Healthcare Markets

Areas of interest

  • Healthcare Forecasting Models
  • Healthcare Policy
  • Healthcare Reform
  • Coronavirus
  • Disease Management & Prevention
  • Healthcare Economics
  • Healthcare Infrastructure