Understanding Pharmaceutical Market-Access Risk

Identify future growth opportunities with market access risk ratings

It seems like everyone is talking about market access, from policy makers to pharmaceutical think tanks. If you speak to market access teams, which we do on a daily basis, it becomes clear that market access holds the key towards ensuring business sustainability in the industry.

We include market-access risk ratings in our country reports to help you assess the entire value creation process and develop tailored strategies supported by substantial real-world evidence. This evidence, based on product and customer segments, allows you to gain access and secure markets.

Our comprehensive risk rating model consists of quantitative and qualitative factors, such as total GDP, total population, public and private healthcare expenditure, level of reimbursement and price cuts, and intellectual property mechanisms to assess total market access risk. These collective factors determine a country’s ability and willingness to play for new drugs.

Market access strategies developed on the granular understanding of risk-return relationship (in each country) will help companies gain unique competitive advantage while helping them explore new opportunities.

Market-Access Risk Ratings are embedded in our World Markets Pricing and Reimbursement service

  • World Markets Pricing and Reimbursement is a sophisticated market analysis tool providing comprehensive, forward-looking analysis of drug pricing and reimbursement on a global scale. Subscribers gain competitive advantage by accessing daily global analysis and monthly in-depth reports on key trends, a unique reference pricing matrix tool covering over 50 markets, and a pharma pricing and reimbursement database of guideline differences across over 30 markets.

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