Flexible Pricing Strategies

Maximizing Value across the Pharmaceutical Product Lifecycle

Flexible pricing is a critical tool in the management of a product’s lifecycle.

Utlised correctly, companies can increase a product’s original list price using real-world evidence to show better results or additional indications.

The study, based on primary research, compelling case studies, and in-depth interviews with payers on flexible pricing strategies, will help you extend the life-cycle of your product and create additional value to your bottom line.

Our primary research, combined with our pricing and reimbursement expertise, provides insights into:

  • Existing frameworks for flexible pricing
  • Payers’ willingness to renegotiate prices upwards post-launch
  • Partnerships and incentives from the industry that payers might consider in exchange for an upward price review post-launch
  • Outcomes and value that payers expect in order to increase a price
  • Timelines for upward price reviews
  • Viability of the unveiled trends

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